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Raindrop Tactics is a top-down looter shooter set in post-apocalyptic Kovroninsk, a fictional country devastated by nuclear war. It is up to you to uncover the mysteries that lie deep within the once tight lipped soviet regime and survive the existing occupying force. 

Use a variety of weapons to secure outposts


  There's no shortage of soviet era weapons in Kovroninsk. Ammunition however is a different story. You will need to make your shots count, or craft your own bow and arrows instead. Once you are prepared for battle, you will recon various locations and learn enemy patrol routes while identifying different unit types.  

Gather resources to craft, build, and survive


  Kovroninsk is littered with various materials which will come in handy when building a make-shift base. You will need to find the right items in order to craft and further enhance your base and weapons. Don't forget to gather survival essentials such as food, water and of course, potassium iodide pills!

Learn new tactics to take on difficult enemies


  Whether you are engaging from a distance in the outskirts of Teveyevka Farms, or fighting in the urban streets of Proysk, there are a wide variety of environments that each require a unique combat strategy. Use the forest and terrain as cover to bait the enemy into an ambush, or climb the tallest building in Proysk and attack from higher ground.

Encounter a variety of enemy unit types


  Not all enemies are created equal. Every unit type has their own set of weapons and combat behavior. Some units are more aggressive and have deadlier weapons as well as thicker armor. While other units are more passive and attack from cover.   

Explore an expansive open world map


  Scavenge and loot the many buildings within the closed city of Proysk or climb the neighboring Vostok Peak and take in the view of the surrounding forest. Explore the abandoned Vostok Factory or follow the train tracks towards Tveyvka Farms. You are free to explore and approach each location at your own pace.

Join a faction or embrace being a lone wolf


   There are two factions at constant war. The well-equipped military soldiers versus the strength in numbers militia. Each have their own pros and cons, but ultimately you will have to choose which one to join, or none at all. Take on quests, trade equipment, and build reputation are some of the few perks of joining a faction.  

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