Treyvka - Farm

 Treyvka Farm is a small rural area located outside of the town of Treyvka. Once the primary source of food within the region, it now houses a small wheat field and some dilapidated farm structures. 

Proysk - South Gate

 At the southern most entrance of Proysk there is a main gate. This checkpoint was essential in keeping the city of Proysk closed and secret from outsiders. 

Proysk - Square

 The square is the 'center' of the city of Proysk. A few government buildings still remain as a reminder of the previous regimes' tight grip. 

Proysk - Hotel

 The Proysk Hotel once attracted the social and party elite from across all over Kovroninsk. It is now occupied by the current military faction as their main base camp. 

Proysk - Amuzement Park

 The Proysk Amuzement park use to entertain thousands of visitors. It now lays abandoned with echos from the past. 

Vostok - Peak

 Vostok Peak is one of the highest points in the map. It separates the city of Proysk from the nearby Vostok Factory. The close by Vostok Forest is home to an abundance of native wild life. 

Vostok - Factory Entrance

 The entrance to the Vostok Factory houses most of the chemical tanks used for fueling the adjacent Research Facility. The type of chemicals used in production still remains a secret to this day. 

Vostok - Factory

 The Vostok Factory area contains most of the administrative buildings that monitor the production of goods in the region. Most of the original personnel have left the facility long ago. 

Vostok - Factory Train Station

 The Vostok Train Station is the vital vein that supplies most of the surround region as well as other parts of Kovroninsk. Without exporting goods from factory, the country's economy would cripple.